Martin Luther King Jr. and the purpose driven milk

You may wonder what all these things have in common, well as I’m sure all of you are aware of President Elect Barak H. Obama has asked Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration on January 20, 2009.

This has upset not only the liberal, pro-gay community but also the far right. Liberals are upset that Obama would ask an anti-gay marriage bible thumping preacher to do the invocation and conservatives are upset that Warren has accepted an invitation to pray publically at an event for the President-Elect who is pro-choice. Dr. Mohler, on his blog stated he would not accept the invitation.

Whether this debate is silly or not you can decide. I personally feel there is nothing wrong with Warren accepting the invitation. I personally disagree with Obama on his abortion stance but may agree with him on many other issues. obama-and-rick-warren1


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